Windflower Doula

Outline of Fees and Services

As a pregnancy and birth doula I provide emotional and physical support, information, and resources.
I cannot perform clinical exams or prescribe medications.

Some of the many things we will cover in our prenatal meetings:

Postpartum meetings are very flexible. I can help around the house, cook a meal, run some errands, or simply be there to talk to you. I can hold the baby while you squeeze in a shower, or you and your partner take a short walk. I will provide feedback on breastfeeding and baby wearing. I encourage discussion about your birth experience.

Basic Birth Doula Service: $750

Additional Services

Postpartum Care

Additional postpartum support at $25 an hour, as needed.

Prenatal A La Carte

If you would like to have an educational session or two, but are not interested in having a doula present at your birth, I charge $100 per session. Session One focuses on what to expect at the hospital, interventions and alternatives, and comfort measures. Session Two focuses on the stages of labor, birth positions, and massage techniques. I can combine sessions, or schedule one or both sessions individually.

I am willing to discuss a sliding scale rate or alternate pay schedule for those in need. I strongly believe all women should benefit from having the support of a doula, regardless of income.