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The inspiration for becoming a doula arrived with the birth of my daughter. I knew right away that I wanted to support women through this sacred and profound life event.

I completed doula training at the Center for the Childbearing Year in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and gained practice through Doulas Care, an innovative program that provides free doula services to pregnant women in the greater Ann Arbor area. I received a Massage Certificate with specialization in Shiatsu and Acupressure from the McKinnon Institute of Massage in Oakland, CA; studied herbal medicine with Kami McBride of the Living Awareness Institute in Vacaville, CA; and worked in San Francisco, CA, as an acupuncturist's assistant.

I am the mother of two children, a daughter and son born 11 years apart. My daughter was born in Berkeley, CA, in 1998. She was originally a planned homebirth. My labor with her was powerful and amazing. It did not involve any pain medication until, after five hours of pushing with no progress, a Cesarean was recommended. My Cesarean was made very special when my midwife turned on my choice of music. This transformed the atmosphere of the operating room into a calm and sacred space. In the spring of 2009 I gave birth to my son in a Charlottesville, VA, hospital. I labored without pain medications or interventions and delivered him vaginally after a much shorter period of pushing! My VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) was a life-changing experience that brought healing and insight to my journey as a mother and my practice as a doula.

While I encourage women to consider a natural approach to childbirth, I support and honor the individual journey of each mother-to-be, regardless of how events unfold. It is my goal as a doula to provide relevant information to the pregnant and laboring woman so that she can make informed decisions. Along with that information I provide emotional and physical support. My support never interferes with the husband's or partner's, but rather, complements it so that they can give even more fully to their pregnant loved one.

My services include two educational prenatal visits, attendance at birth, and one postpartum visit. Additional postpartum services are available, as are prenatal visits a la carte (if you prefer the educational piece but don't feel you need the support during labor and delivery).

It is awe-inspiring to see women access their innate power and wisdom as their baby develops, is born and adjusts to life on earth. I would love to be your ally in birth!

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